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Terms and conditions 

1. Traveler’s health and responsibility

Tour may include a degree of fatigues and unexpected events.  Some of the tours also imposes certain requirements on participants’ fitness.  The responsibility lies with the traveler to choose a journey of such severity that he / she can participate.  The participant take part of the tour on its own responsibility and Randall Ball Photography can not be held liable for damages incurred by the traveler or accidents during the trip or during activities.  Randall Ball Photography does not assume any financial penalties of an injury incurred during the trip.  The traveler is obliged to obey the instructions of the guides.  The traveler take their own responsibility to have a adequate travel insurance or equivalent for the entire travel period.  Tour leader or other responsible personnel may at any time stop a single participant from continuing the journey, in whole or in part, if the participant is behaving in a way that he /she represents  danger to himself, posing a risk to others, behave drunk or otherwise interfering so as to provide negative sanctions for the group.  If a participant’s illness or accident requiring evacuation and / or repatriation rests liability for payment of these services entirely at the participant. Randall Ball Photography advises in the strongest terms to take out travel and accident insurance that covers the costs of such a situation.  If the participant has not signed such insurance, liability rests still on the participant and Randall Ball Photography disclaims any responsibility.

2. Booking

Reservation and payment is primarily by filling the booking form in writing or via the website booking form.  After receiving the booking form a confirmation will be sent by e-mail and payment details.  The deposit to hold the booking is usually 30% of the total full cost to be paid within 7 days after receiving the reservation confirmation.  The deposit may be different then 30% for certain travels which then is indicated at the time of booking.

3. Cancellation

For cancellation with more then 150 days before the start date, the deposit is reimbursed minus already paid costs to suppliers that is not reimbursable for Randall Ball Photography.  For cancellation 150-90 days before the start date, the participant loses the deposit if no other cancellation terms has been agreed.  For cancellation 90-60 days before the expedition start date, the passenger must pay at least 70% of the total trip price.  For cancellation less than 60 days before the expedition start date, the passenger must pay the full price of the journey.  Note that if the cancellation occurs less than 60 days before departure and final payment has not yet been received, the remaining amount have to be paid immediately.  Participants who has already initiated a trip and choose not to attend the whole trip will not receive any repayment, what ever the reason might be.  Cancellation must be made to Randall Ball Photography by email to  Cancellations provided to Randall Ball Photography after the expedition departure will not be accepted.  Randall Ball Photography advises the participant to have cancellation insurance.

4. Final payment

Final payment of the tour takes place 60 days before the package start date, unless otherwise indicated. If a reservation of a travel is made less than 60 days before the travel start date the full price must be paid within 5 days of booking.

5. Booking flights

Booking of international flights is made by the participant unless otherwise is stated.

6. Modification of the package tour price

Randall Ball Photography reserves the right to raise the price with no more than 10% of the total package price if costs increases due to changes in transportation costs, changes in taxes, duties, fees or changes to exchange rates.  If the price change would be more than 10% the participant has the right to cancel the trip with full refund.

7. Itinerary changes

Randall Ball Photography reserves the right to make certain changes of the itinerary.  The nature of our trips and expeditions makes it is impossible to predict the exact course of the tour which always is preliminary.  The type of trips and expeditions that Randall Ball Photography offers are not like a regular trips.  When it comes to wildlife viewing and photography in remote areas flexibility and changes must be allowed.  There might be circumstances along the way of which not even the most skilled tour operator can control.  As the reservation of a trip has been made the participant automatically accepts these facts.  Randall Ball Photography reserves the right to make changes of the itinerary but will in these cases always try to do this so the participant’s get the most out of their travel.  Participants have no right of compensation for such changes of the itinerary.  If a trip will be delayed, or if the itinerary must be changed due to bad weather, road conditions, delays in transportation, or other eventualities that Randall Ball Photography or its agents have no control over, the price for these delays and changes is not included in the price.  Eventual cost for changes of international flights if a trip is delayed is paid by the participants themselves.

8. Change of booking and participant information

Changes made by the traveler after received confirmation that impose costs is paid by the traveler.  It is the responsibility of the traveler to keep Randall Ball Photography informed of any change of name, address, email address and telephone number so that Randall Ball Photography can communicate any changes of the trip.  Randall Ball Photography usually communicates any changes initially by e-mail.

9. Verification of the travel documents

The traveler is obligated to check the confirmation and travel documents as soon as they are received.  Any errors must be reported immediately.  Particular attention must be given to control the names of any flight tickets since they must comply fully with the spelling in the passport.  Most airlines do not allow name changes or change of misspelling. It is the traveler’s responsibility in connection with the confirmation invoice of the trip to check the spelling of names.

10. Cancellation of a trip

Randall Ball Photography owns the right to cancel a trip before departure, because of shortages of participants, strikes, war, natural disasters, or other reasons that make the journey inappropriate.  In such a situation the participant will be fully refunded for the trip. Randall Ball Photography is in such a situation not obliged to reimburse participants for expenses such as international airfare, visa and passport costs, equipment for the trip, or other expenses related to the trip.  Because the booking of the international flights is usually made separately by the participant, it is especially important to have a cancellation insurance, which replaces any costs at a suspension.

11. Travel insurance /cancellation insurance

Important!  You are responsible for having adequate travel insurance and cancellation insurance (see point 1).  As we often find ourselves far from the nearest community, it is important that your insurance covers any illness or emergency that requires evacuation and/or repatriation from remote location.  Check with your insurance company so that you are covered.  The insurance certificate must be brought on the trip to be presented in case it is necessary.  Furthermore, Randall Ball Photography advises taking out a cancellation insurance, which replaces the cost of travel in case of disease or accident.  Make sure that the cancellation insurance also include the cost for international flights in case of a cancellation of the trip due.  Circumstances mentioned in paragraph 10.  Such may in some cases be subscribed directly through the travel agency or separately via a insurance agency.

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